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Ed Shaugnessy: Non-Stop Believer in Teaching Drumming Traditions

SKF NOTE: The¬†Who Reads Modern Drummer? ad campaign is still one of my favorite ideas. I’m glad founder/publisher Ron Spagnardi agreed. And I’m glad well-known drummers agreed. Here’s the ad campaign back story. Along with Ed Shaughnessy’s letter I’ve posted … Continue reading

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Cherishing Morello’s Three-Star Album

SKF NOTE: Having once owned — and listened many times — to Joe Morello‘s Another Step Forward album, I think Jim Szantor’s 1970 review is fair. What is impossible to write about with accuracy is how Joe Morello sounds on … Continue reading

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Audio: Asking Joe Morello: Have You Lost Your Chops? (1978)

SKF NOTE: The story behind this excerpt is posted here. In short, by 1978, from a few sources I was under the impression Joe Morello had stopped playing, had lost his chops, and was very much a recluse. So, when … Continue reading

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Christmas Card From the Morello’s 1981

SKF NOTE: Jean Morello, Joe’s wife, was a gracious person. I imagine Joe Morello‘s life would have been much different without her. I don’t know for sure, but I am willing to bet the handwritten Christmas signature is Jean’s. The … Continue reading

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The Making of a Joe Morello Ad

SKF NOTE: The making of an in-house ad for Modern Drummer. Here’s a nice letter from Joe Morello written to me after I had been MD‘s managing editor for one month. Joe was among the drummers I interviewed MD when … Continue reading

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Morello: ‘You’re Everywhere. Like Tapeworm’

Joe Morello SKF NOTE: “Scott Fish?” Joe Morello said, shaking my hand. “You’re everywhere. Like tapeworm.” It was 1979-1980. As a freelance writer I interviewed Joe Morello in 1979 for a Modern Drummer feature interview, later moving to Saratoga Springs, … Continue reading

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Jimmy Madison: We Were Like Joe Morello’s Mascots

SKF NOTE: In August of last year I posted The Day Jimmy Madison Rescued Joe Morello. I remembered Jimmy Madison telling that story and I wanted to share it. Yesterday I found the transcript of my interview with Jimmy Madison. … Continue reading

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