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Bill Bruford Releases Definitive Box Set

SKF NOTE: Bill Bruford’s IQ must be way up there. When I interviewed him by phone during a King Crimson tour, I felt as if I was driving fast at night down a winding, mountain road. One slip and it’s … Continue reading

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Becoming a Professional Musician: Risk, Failure, Lessons Learned, Risk

SKF NOTE: Maybe other musicians grow by reaching one level of skill, staying at that level for awhile until something takes the musician to the next skill level. That something, in my experience, is usually a combination of listening, developing … Continue reading

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Don Lamond: Gretsch Ad (1968)

SKF NOTE: A Gretsch Don Lamond ad from February 22, 1968.

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Wynton Marsalis: Thinking and Playing Are Different Skills

SKF NOTE: This tale of Wynton Marsalis‘s life on the road has been on my bookshelf for a few years, waiting for the right moment to read. That moment started a week ago. Here’s a good thought from Wynton I … Continue reading

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John Von Ohlen: I Started on Drums at Age 17 (1984)

SKF NOTE: From the transcript of my interview with John Von Ohlen, published in the March 1985 Modern Drummer. John’s relatively late start on drums were preceded by more than a decade of studying accordion, piano, and trombone. And also, … Continue reading

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