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Louis Bellson Endorses Remo PTS Drums

SKF NOTE: Remo Belli was a unique inventor of products meant to improve drummers’ lives. If is inventing was limited to the plastic drumhead — he would still be remembered as one of the music world’s greats. Along with successes, … Continue reading

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Jerry Allison: Simplicity Was Part of the Plan

SKF NOTE: Jerry Allison’s description of his “keeping everything relatively simple” approach to playing drums with Buddy Holly & the Crickets is from a longer interview with Mr. Allison in 1982. It’s still good advice. Jerry Allison: We always tried … Continue reading

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Max Weinberg: How He Tunes His Snare

SKF NOTE: This is another conversation from one back-up cassette I sometimes used at Modern Drummer for short phone interviews, such as getting answers to reader questions from drummers. I had interviewed Max Weinberg for his April 1982 cover story. … Continue reading

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Vibra-Fibing Neil Peart’s Drums: The Process (1982)

SKF NOTE: I think this is Neil Graham of Percussion Center, Wayne, IN speaking with me about the Percussion Center’s process of Vibra-Fibing Neil Peart‘s drumset, probably in response to a question from a Modern Drummer reader. If this is … Continue reading

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Joe Morello – The “Take Five” Cymbal Documentary

SKF NOTE: Wow! Thinking I had a better than average knowledge of Joe Morello’s career I almost skipped this video. I’m glad I didn’t. What a wonderful, warm vignette, full of Morello facts brand new to me. Thank you!

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