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Ed Soph: The Tale of the ‘One-Arm’ Drummer

SKF NOTE: Ed Soph and I have reconnected by email — about which I am very happy. Ed is a great guy, marvelous drum teacher, a student of drum history, and a thinker. Plus, he was fun to interview the … Continue reading

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Jo Jones: Magician on Drums

SKF NOTE: Web surfing last night I found this Jo Jones clip I’d never seen before. Great camera angle. This is not the best Jo Jones I’ve either seen or heard — but it’s very good, wonderful to study. Thank you, … Continue reading

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Mike Bloomfield: Message to Promising Guitarists

SKF NOTE: Mike Bloomfield brought me hours and hours of musical joy and education — especially when I was in high school — as a member of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, The Electric Flag, and other musical situations. Bloomfield’s advice … Continue reading

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Jerry Allison: Keep Everything Relatively Simple

SKF NOTE: Another backgrounder interview for my History of Rock Drumming series for Modern Drummer. This, too, was a phone interview — the only backgrounder transcript so far with a date on it: March 21, 1982. I describe the full … Continue reading

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Scott K Fish Inquiry re Sound Files and Online Drum Lessons

SKF NOTE: Digital technology is an amazing tool for drummers. Having spent many career years prior to digital technology for research relying on books, vinyl albums, audio cassettes, magazines, FM radio, and the occasional live event — I very much … Continue reading

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