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Ed Thigpen Endorsement Letter (198?)

SKF NOTE: This is Ed Thigpen’s statement for his Who Reads Modern Drummer? ad. The background story on that ad series is here. The signature on this page is Ed Thigpen’s. The editing/proofreaders marks, and the twice underlined handwritten Save, … Continue reading

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Ed Shaugnessy: Non-Stop Believer in Teaching Drumming Traditions

SKF NOTE: The Who Reads Modern Drummer? ad campaign is still one of my favorite ideas. I’m glad founder/publisher Ron Spagnardi agreed. And I’m glad well-known drummers agreed. Here’s the ad campaign back story. Along with Ed Shaughnessy’s letter I’ve posted … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Revising My MD Published Posts

SKF NOTE: Yesterday, Friday, June 16, I received an email request from Modern Drummer Publications VP Kevin Kearns, followed by a phone conversation. It was the first time  we had communicated since the fall of 1983 when I was stepping … Continue reading

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Scott K Fish: Creativity vs. Business

SKF NOTE: At age 28 I realized my life was out-of-balance. Devoting so much time to drumming, music, and writing — I had neglected the practical matters of earning a living, of understanding how business works. I’m still learning! This … Continue reading

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Gary Chester – Teaching as a Way of Life

SKF NOTE: This is an excerpt from my Sept. 18, 1982 with Gary Chester which I transcribed, edited, and published as a Modern Drummer feature interview. Other than a few of my Mm-hm‘s — useless mouth sounds I’ve since learned … Continue reading

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Artimus Pyle: Copying Other Drummers’ Licks is the Hardest

SKF NOTE: In this excerpt from Artimus Pyle’s June 23, 1982 interview for Modern Drummer, Artimus talks about how hard it was having to learn Bob Burns‘s Lynyrd Skynyrd drum parts note for note. But it was also helpful. The … Continue reading

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Hal Blaine’s ‘Staying In Tune’ Unplugged

SKF NOTE: Boy, finding a stack of Hal Blaine‘s replies for his Modern Drummer “Staying In Tune” column brings back memories. I’m posting one page of Hal’s replies here. From strictly an editing perspective Hal’s typed replies meant lots of work. … Continue reading

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