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Who is Gary Chester?

SKF NOTE: This piece was published first in the Piscataquis Observer weekly newspaper on October 29, 2018 as Who is Gary Chester? Gary Chester, starting in the 1960s, was a top New York studio drummer. One of a special breed … Continue reading

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Ed Soph – Make Jazz Drumming History Interesting (1978)

  SKF NOTE: This excerpt, from my first of a few interviews with Ed Soph, follows earlier discussion on how best to teach students the history of jazz drumming. Ed’s idea seems simple enough: don’t bore students, make the subject … Continue reading

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Joe Morello: St. Louis Blues 1964

SKF NOTE: The internet has some excellent video of Joe Morello for all of us to study. I may be late to the party, but I don’t remember seeing this 1964 in concert clip of Joe with The Dave Brubeck … Continue reading

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Remo Belli Taught Me to Listen

SKF NOTE: A brief reminder of an important skill. I’m not surprised Remo Belli was “the best listener.” Think of all the feedback Mr. Belli must have considered, solicited and unsolicited, while perfecting his plastic drum heads. 9 Questions … Continue reading

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Two Drumsticks, One Sound

SKF NOTE: Isn’t it curious how root life principles apply across the board? Therefore, the art of drumming inspires the great Japanese Samurai swordsman, Musashi, to develop his unique two sword style. Here are a series of quotes from a … Continue reading

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