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RIP Neil Peart – Traveling Invisible Highways

RIP Neil Peart – traveling invisible highways Scott K. Fish, Special to the Piscataquis Observer • January 17, 2020 The news came through first at 7:12 pm; a voice message from friend Chip Stern, driving his taxi in Brooklyn, N.Y. … Continue reading

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SKF on Neil Peart – Friends, Dreams and Mystical Resonances

SKF NOTE: This post opens with my last email to Neil Peart in August 2018 — which he didn’t answer. On learning of his death and his years long struggle with cancer, I now know why Neil didn’t answer. I … Continue reading

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Simon Kirke – Bad Company Publicity Photos Circa 1983

SKF NOTE: These Bad Company publicity shots are circa 1983. I never met drummer Simon Kirke, but I interviewed him briefly for Modern Drummer. My best recollection? I was asking follow-up questions to round out another MD writer’s Simon Kirke … Continue reading

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Sheila E – I’m Improving (1985)

SKF NOTE: I interviewed Sheila E in 1985 for CREEM magazine. These pages are from that interview, but instead of the narrative story published in CREEM, these are Sheila’s words organized almost as a letter or a column. I don’t … Continue reading

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Chip Stern – I Was Blessed to Call Ginger Baker My Friend

SKF NOTE: Chip Stern‘s emails are always a treat and always a worthwhile learning experience. I encourage you to read Chip’s reflections on his friend, Ginger Baker. Homeward Bound: Reflections on a Musical Legacy01-01-2020 | By Chip Stern | Issue … Continue reading

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A Larry Bunker – Steve Gadd Mind Meld?

SKF NOTE: Two days ago Frank Godiva’s post on the Great Drummer’s Group Facebook page reminded me of a question I would love to ask Steve Gadd. Godiva’s post concerned master percussionist Larry Bunker, and showed Bunker’s The Larry Bunker … Continue reading

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Big Sid Catlett – A Beautiful Sense of Composition

SKF NOTE: Ruby Braff was a jazz trumpeter born in 1927 and died in 2007. Having first hand accounts from musicians who knew and worked with great drummers like Big Sid Catlett is invaluable. In Ruby Braff’s brief remembrance here, … Continue reading

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