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Artimus Pyle – How He Got the Lynyrd Skynyrd Gig (1982) 

SKF NOTE: In this second excerpt from Artimus Pyle’s June 23, 1982 interview for Modern Drummer, Artimus and Paul T. Riddle tell how, around 1972-1973, Artimus – with help from Marshall Tucker Band members, Charlie Daniels, and others who believed … Continue reading

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Owen Hale: Can a Studio Drummer Earn Enough to Consider It a Steady Job? (1982)

SKF NOTE: An excerpt from my 1/12/1982 interview with Owen Hale for Modern Drummer. A reader asked a general question, “Can a studio drummer earn enough money to consider it a steady job?” I posed that question to Owen when he … Continue reading

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Sandy Nelson: Introductory Phone Conversation with Scott K Fish (1982) 

SKF NOTE: Finding snippets of unrelated phone conversations within my Modern Drummer interview cassettes is affecting how I digitize my cassettes. These unrelated snippets are also reminders of my work habits — and my work-around tricks — pre-internet, pre-digital sound. … Continue reading

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Bill Maxwell on Learning Bebop Drumming (1981)

SKF NOTE: Andrae Crouch, The Winans, Freddie Hubbard, Koinonia — Bill Maxwell’s work as drummer and producer is among the best. Bill first came to my attention through my ears in 1981. No pre-judging on my part. The full story of … Continue reading

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Rod Morgenstein: How I Got My Drum Sound on Dixie Dregs’s ‘Industry Standard’ Album

SKF NOTE: Sometimes, when drummers such as Rod Morgenstein, or drum industry people, were willing to answer Modern Drummer readers’ questions by phone, I would grab the nearest cassette, tape the call, and transcribe the answer for publication. I never … Continue reading

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The Oak Ridge Boys’ Drummer Fred Satterfield Interview (1981)

SKF NOTE: I don’t remember precisely how I came to interview Fred Satterfield. Photographer John Lee, who had established himself in country music circles as a skilled, reliable pro, may have suggested Fred for a Modern Drummer interview. John was … Continue reading

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Tony Williams: ‘A Tribute to Miles’ Photo (1994)

SKF NOTE: A unique photo of Tony Williams by Hiroyuki Arakawa from the A Tribute To Miles CD booklet. The music is a mix of studio and live performances by Miles Davis’s Second Great Quintet minus Miles Davis. Sometimes the … Continue reading

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