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One Hour with Art Blakey at Ronnie Scott’s

SKF NOTE: Researching on the web I found this one-hour Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers set at Ronnie Scott’s. Although I’m familiar with some of the band members from other Blakey incarnations and the musicians’ solo albums, I’m new … Continue reading

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Fascinating Art Blakey Documentary

SKF NOTE: Fascinating snippet of Art Blakey interacting with his Jazz Messengers. Would like very much to see this whole documentary.

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Triplets, a Hi-Hat, and Ears: Perfect Art Blakey

SKF NOTE: Art Blakey shows us on the title track from Lee Morgan’s 1964 Tom Cat album, that perfect drum accompaniment doesn’t require a bazillion notes played on multiple drums and cymbals. No. Quarter note triplets, a hi-hat, and ears … Continue reading

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Art Blakey on Chick Webb’s Drum Lesson

SKF: Here’s Art Blakey recounting his drum lesson from Chick Webb. Down Beat: [T]he public in the swing era always looked to the drummer for a wild solo. After that, as time went on, people began to appreciate the drummer … Continue reading

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Art Blakey’s 1960 Gretsch Drumset

SKF NOTE: A classic Gretsch ad from 1960 with a classic drummer. I always favored the Gretsch logo as it appears here on Art Blakey‘s front bass drum head, but was never able to find a logo like that to … Continue reading

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Tony Williams Blue Note Reissues Fill in My Library Gaps

Every so often I look online to see if I can remove any albums on my When-Are-They-Going-To-Release-This-On-MP3? list. This week, I am happy to report I removed two Tony Williams Blue Note albums: Tokyo Live, and The Story of Neptune. … Continue reading

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Blakey: ‘Is There Anything I Can Do to Make You Sound Better?’

“See, I wanted to become a great drummer, but just in the sense of having musicians want to play with me — not to be better than Buddy Rich or to compete with someone. I will not compete that way; … Continue reading

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