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Joe Morello Drum Clinic Mid-to-Late 1970s – Part 1

SKF NOTE: Relying solely on my sketchy memory, I taped this Joe Morello drum clinic at the Long Island Drum Center. As of this writing I am unable to pinpoint the clinic date. I’m guessing it was in the mid-to-late … Continue reading

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Jim Chapin on Freddie Gruber’s Drumming 1949-50 (Audio)

SKF NOTE: This recording, which I wasn’t sure I still had, is one of my favorite moments from preparing to write a profile of Freddie Guber. I came across an unmarked cassette this morning, inserted it into my tape player, … Continue reading

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Joe Morello on Buddy Rich Part 1

SKF NOTE: Revisiting the transcript of my 1979 interview with Joe Morello today. Five or six times Joe Morello said some things about Buddy Rich which were new to me. I also found Joe’s remarks instructive and/or funny. So, I … Continue reading

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