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Chick Corea on Evolution of the ‘Friends’ Album

Chick Corea: The evolution of that album [Friends] is simple. It felt so good playing with Eddie Gomez, Steve Gadd, and Joe Farrell on The Mad Hatter that I suggested we do something together — not elaborate, no arrangments. It … Continue reading

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Tony Williams ‘Down Beat’ Interview: 1970

SKF NOTE: A “unique” 1970 Tony Williams interview from Pat Cox, indeed. I’m unable to find this interview online. I do see it cited online in books. Also, I’m including the full-page ads from Tony’s record company and Gretsch drums … Continue reading

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Wanted: Back Story to this Tony Williams Drumset

SKF NOTE: My Kingdom for the first person who can tell us the back story to Tony Williams’s drumset in this photo. The photo was posted by Bruce Ditmas on Facebook. Bruce credits it to Norbert Brycht. Thank you everyone.

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Scott K Fish Interview: Jim Gordon

SKF NOTE: When Jim Keltner called me at Modern Drummer to ask if we would be interested in interviewing his friend, Jim Gordon, the answer was an unequivocal yes. It was a time when we MD Editors felt, to an extent, … Continue reading

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Billy Cobham Obscure Endorsement Ads 1972, 1976

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