Was Morello Faster Than Buddy?

Joe Morello 1962

SKF NOTE: A DrumForum.org thread started in April 2010 is generating new interest. The original post subject line is: Was Morello Faster Than Buddy Rich?

I was reminded of four blog posts posted here in 2014 with Joe Morello talking about Buddy Rich. Here’s what Joe said about Buddy’s speed. I’ve included links to all four posts for anyone interested.


Joe Morello: …Buddy’s a good friend of mine. He’s always been nice. Buddy and I have always gotten along very well. And we used to fool around together with the sticks…. He’s got very good technique. It’s not as fast as you would think it is. He looks faster and he sounds faster than he is because he’s clean. Everything he does is very clean. There’s faster drummers, that’s for sure. If you want to just look at it from that. From strictly technically there are much faster drummers, so Jimmy’s faster, Louie Bellson‘s faster….

Scott K Fish: Jim Chapin is faster than Buddy?

JM: Oh yeah. Sure, but Buddy puts it together so beautifully. He builds this picture real nice, y’know.


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