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Philly Joe Jones with Bill Evans

SKF NOTE: A thank you to “Jazz Video Guy” Bret Primack for this new to me clip of Philly Joe Jones as a member of Bill Evans’s Trio. Instructive! The video work on Philly Joe gives us several good moments … Continue reading

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Simon Kirke – Drum Practice Routines 1983

SKF NOTE: Here’s the backstory to this Simon Kirke excerpt. In this excerpt Simon talks about his favorite drum practice routines. He also tells us he does not record with a click track, and he tends to play behind the … Continue reading

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Carole King’s Sage Advice on Performing

SKF NOTE: Reading singer/songwriter Carole King’s memoir, A Natural Woman, I am not surprised at finding several words of “keeper” advice for all musicians. Here’s Ms. King’s advice on performing in front of an audience. Performing wasn’t something to fear, … Continue reading

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Eighty-Two Year Old Drum Solo Still a Killer

SKF NOTE: In the mid-1970s I played drums for a couple of years with the Millard Cowan Trio in Davenport, IA. I remember Millard asking me then if I had ever seen Fred Astaire’s dancing/drum solo routine. I had not. … Continue reading

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