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Frankie Dunlop: Monk’s Lesson on Slow vs Fast Playing (First Time Audio)

SKF NOTE: One of my favorite parts of my interviews with the great drummer Frankie Dunlop. Now, for the first time, listeners can hear Frankie describe his lesson from Thelonious Monk on playing fast vs playing slow — including Frankie’s … Continue reading

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Buddy Rich Gets Face Bashed In (1940)

SKF NOTE: Down Beat editors published in their July 15, 1976 issue, A Collection of Lunacy, Prophecy, Controversy, and Commentary From 42 Years of the Contemporary Music Magazine. Forty years ago, when I was starting my career as a music … Continue reading

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Shelly Manne: My Best Drum Solo (1974)

SKF NOTE: Shelly Manne in 1974 names his “best” drum solo. An bit of history I saved from Harvey Siders’s column in the short-lived Different Drummer magazine. ===== Harvey Siders: Of all the recordings you’ve made, which stands out in … Continue reading

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Tony Williams Blue Note Reissues Fill in My Library Gaps

Every so often I look online to see if I can remove any albums on my When-Are-They-Going-To-Release-This-On-MP3? list. This week, I am happy to report I removed two Tony Williams Blue Note albums: Tokyo Live, and The Story of Neptune. … Continue reading

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Emily Dolan Davies: Remote Recording is Really a Great Thing

SKF NOTE: Finding new ways to create music, to work with and learn from other musicians, and to earn a living through music — these are timeless traits of successful musicians and music industry pros. They love to experiment. Take … Continue reading

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Bill Maxwell: I Don’t Think Drums As Much As I Do The Whole Band

SKF NOTE: Andrae Crouch, The Winans, Freddie Hubbard, Koinonia — Bill Maxwell’s work as drummer and producer is among the best. Bill first came to my attention through my ears in 1981. No pre-judging on my part. Introducing The Winans … Continue reading

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Paul English: Music Should Have Lows, Valleys, and No Drums At All

SKF NOTE: Most of my published drummer interviews are edited versions of longer conversations. Relistening to the interviews while digitizing the original cassette tapes, I noticed my pattern for getting taped interviews ready for publication. To save time, I would … Continue reading

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