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Gil Evans: The Answer to All Musical Problems

SKF NOTE: This weekend I re-read Gil Evans‘s 5/20/76 interview with Down Beat contributor Arnold Jay Smith, on the cusp of synthesizers’ broad use in jazz and other musics. Evans, creator of unique, acoustic sounds, was an early proponent of … Continue reading

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Dancing to a Flexible Beat

SKF NOTE: Last night I realized a line dance class with 40 amateur adult dancers is a perfect place to study how differently people can dance out of unison with each other – and still be dancing in time. That … Continue reading

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Ed Thigpen Endorsement Letter (198?)

SKF NOTE: This is Ed Thigpen’s statement for his Who Reads Modern Drummer? ad. The background story on that ad series is here. The signature on this page is Ed Thigpen’s. The editing/proofreaders marks, and the twice underlined handwritten Save, … Continue reading

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Smokey Dacus – Studio Drum Recording with Bob Wills

SKF NOTE: Smokey Dacus said he is the first drumset player to play with a country band. The full transcript of our interview is available on my blog here. The start of this tape is clipped because I had switched … Continue reading

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A Shared Moment Can Last a Lifetime

SKF NOTE: I write a weekly column for the¬†Piscataquis Observer newspaper, usually on ideas, policies, to make rural Maine a more viable place to live and work. My July 14th column, however, was about Joe Morello. ===== A Shared Moment … Continue reading

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