Jim Gordon: Talks About His Studio Drumsets (1982)

SKF NOTE: Excerpt #4 from my January 11, 1982 interview with Jim Gordon. We were talking about how Jim approached and prepared for studio sessions. Then I asked Jim what drumsets he used in the studios.

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Frankie Dunlop: Sneaking Into Theater to Hear Gene Krupa’s Big Band 

SKF NOTE: Excerpt from Scott K Fish interview with Frankie Dunlop on October 16, 1984 in New York City. In this part, Frankie shares his method, as an underage music lover, for sneaking into a Buffalo, NY theater to hear Gene Krupa‘s and other big bands.

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Tony Williams: ‘The Joy Of Flying’ Four-Star Review

SKF: A piece of historical perspective this morning. Down Beat‘s 1979 four star review of Tony Williams’s The Joy of Flying album.




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Hans Zimmer: Music is a Conversation

SKF: I love this trailer. Everything Hans Zimmer says about writing a film score is in sync with my concept of playing drums. Having a conversation. Bingo!

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Bill Bruford: ‘There is No Regular Set-Up’

SKF NOTE: For me, this 1984 Simmons Drums ad captures Bill Bruford‘s pioneering drumming spirit — plus it’s a memorable photo. Always a contemporary player, with a knowledge and love of drumming history, and a fearless curiosity. Even when Bruford’s experiments fail my ears, my musical tastes, I still have the greatest respect for his musicianship.

“There is no regular set-up,” Bill Bruford says in the Bill Bruford’s Equipment sidebar to his February 1984 Down Beat interview. Indeed! And like a few other musicians I’ve met, even if Bruford had a regular set-up when interviewed, odds are he’ll change his set-up, at least once, before his magazine interview is published.




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Artimus Pyle: My Role As a Drummer (1982)

SKF NOTE: June 23, 1982. Artimus Pyle, no longer with Lynyrd Skynyrd, was on tour fronting his own Artimus Pyle Band. Our mutual friend, Paul T. Riddle, arranged for an afternoon meeting where we all sat, talked, and taped our conversation. That tape was the basis for Artimus’s April 1983 Modern Drummer feature interview.

At night, the same day, Artimus’s band and The Marshall Tucker Band played a concert – a place I’ve forgotten. Art’s band opened the show. Then Art and I found a secure room backstage where we finished the interview – and that’s the setting for this audio excerpt. About 3:00 in you can hear the Marshall Tucker Band onstage, kicking off their show with Heard It In A Love Song.

Artimus’s full printed interview is available here.

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Bill Gibson: Zildjian Cymbal Set-Up (1985)


SKF NOTE: Huey Lewis & The News had a string of solid hit songs, still touring. Here’s a rarely seen Zildjian Cymbal Set-Up advertisement of band drummer Bill Gibson. Gibson, who played on all the band’s releases, is still a Huey Lewis band member. He also shoots and posts Huey Lewis & The News photos on the band’s blog.

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