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SKF – Goals for 2020: Doing the Work

Goals for 2020: Doing the work Scott K. Fish, Special to the Piscataquis Observer • February 26, 2020 This year, 2020, I set personal goals. One goal is simple: keeping a list of books I read this year. The key … Continue reading

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Neil Peart on Music Marketing – ‘It’s a Sad Mess’

SKF NOTE: Digital music devastated the old order of earning a living in the music business. I still don’t understand all the nuances those changes made. But I understand enough to know album sales and airplay lost much of their … Continue reading

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Alan Dawson – Discovering You’re Playing Drums by Yourself

SKF NOTE: This exchange is from my interview with Alan Dawson for Modern Drummer’s January 1986 10th Anniversary Issue. The interview took place in 1985 in Alan Dawson’s Massachusetts’ home living room over Dawson-made tuna fish sandwiches. This is part … Continue reading

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Drummers Mike Braun, Max Styles, Skip Meyer

SKF NOTE: Here are three more publicity photos from a stack of photos I accumulated in the early 1980s. I’m posting these primarily to add a few more drummer photos to the worldwide web. From my own research I know … Continue reading

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Rest in Peace, Paul English

SKF NOTE: Rest in peace, Paul English, who was to Willie Nelson what Sonny Greer was to Duke Ellington. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and interviewing Mr. English for his Modern Drummer feature interview. These two Paul English photos are from … Continue reading

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Neil Peart On Making His Romanian Oak Drumset

SKF NOTE: This morning, revisiting email exchanges with Neil Peart, looking for one exchange in particular, I came across Neil’s March 15, 2015 email and photo describing his “new Romanian Oak drumset,” destined for Rush’s 40th Anniversary show. I’ve spent … Continue reading

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Frank Briggs Interview – Do Your Best Always (Circa 1983)

SKF NOTE: I recently uncovered this circa 1983 interview with drummer Frank Briggs. Edited slightly, I’ve retyped my original introduction below, followed by scans of my original transcript, complete with proofreaders marks. I don’t remember to what magazine I submitted … Continue reading

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