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George Lewis: You Got To Learn to Make It Talk

SKF NOTE: Discovering music pioneers of horns, keyboards, strings, reeds; songwriters, lyricists, arrangers — this remains one of my favorite parts of studying drum pioneers. A common theme among pioneer musicians is the importance of originality, of learning to express … Continue reading

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Kenny Clarke: The Magic Cymbal

Pianist Dick Katz said in an interview with Ira Gitler, “People don’t know that [Kenny Clarke] had one cymbal. It wasn’t very big, and we used to call it the magic cymbal, because when somebody would sit in on drums, … Continue reading

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Charlie Perry: Buddy Rich on Practice Habits and Teaching Methods

SKF NOTE: Among my boxes of drumming memorabilia come a couple of legal size folders full of writing by Charlie Perry. Charlie was a noted drum teacher and author. His best known method book, perhaps, is The Art of Modern … Continue reading

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Vinnie Colaiuta Zildjian Cymbal Set-Up Handout 198?

SKF NOTE: A Zildjian (clinic?) brochure from the early to mid-1980s. Download a PDF of my original copy here. — end —

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Max Roach: The Quarter Note is the Common Denominator

SKF NOTE: This exchange with Max Roach took place on July 15, 1981 at his home in Connecticut. The back story is posted here.  Scott K Fish: You had mentioned something in International Musician about the importance of being aware … Continue reading

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