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UPDATE: Revising My MD Published Posts

SKF NOTE: Yesterday, Friday, June 16, I received an email request from Modern Drummer Publications VP Kevin Kearns, followed by a phone conversation. It was the first time  we had communicated since the fall of 1983 when I was stepping … Continue reading

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Ravish Momin: Music From a Country that Doesn’t Exist

SKF NOTE: Because of his several musical cultural influences, Ravish Momin calls his music “folk music from nowhere” or “music that exists from a country that doesn’t exist.” This morning, browsing through drumming news, I found this performance announcement and … Continue reading

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Daniel Humair: Musical Drumming Brilliance

SKF NOTE: I can’t remember if my aural introduction to Daniel Humair was on record with Phil Woods‘s European Rhythm Machine or as a member of Jim Hall’s trio on his It’s Nice To Be With You album. I bought … Continue reading

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Buddy Rich Taking Care to Be Even More Precise (1978)

SKF NOTE: A March 28, 1978 Down Beat news item capturing one reporter’s eyewitness (and earwitness) account of Buddy Rich and his band at NYC’s The Bottom Line. Buddy packed the place with “patrons…young and old, …mostly drummers. “And Rich … Continue reading

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Haskell W. Harr’s Letter: I Am Like Father Time (1983)

SKF NOTE: Haskell W. Harr is one of the renowned historical drum instructors. At age 89, Mr. Harr wrote this letter to Modern Drummer to thank us for publishing a story about him and his legacy to drumming. Mr. Harr, as … Continue reading

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Artimus Pyle – How He Got the Lynyrd Skynyrd Gig (1982) 

SKF NOTE: In this second excerpt from Artimus Pyle’s June 23, 1982 interview for Modern Drummer, Artimus and Paul T. Riddle tell how, around 1972-1973, Artimus – with help from Marshall Tucker Band members, Charlie Daniels, and others who believed … Continue reading

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Sandy Nelson: Introductory Phone Conversation with Scott K Fish (1982) 

SKF NOTE: Finding snippets of unrelated phone conversations within my Modern Drummer interview cassettes is affecting how I digitize my cassettes. These unrelated snippets are also reminders of my work habits — and my work-around tricks — pre-internet, pre-digital sound. … Continue reading

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