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J.R. Mitchell – I Didn’t Want to Play Left-Handed

SKF NOTE: Here’s the back story on my interview with J.R. Mitchell. In this excerpt, Mr. Mitchell discusses some of the challenges left-handed drummers face. Once I on an Iowa gig I had to share my right-handed drumset with the … Continue reading

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Jimmy Davis – The Killer Drum Roll

SKF NOTE: In my junior and senior high school years I had a core group of musician friends who hung out together, listened to records, attended concerts, and reshuffled ourselves into a few band configurations. Clark played piano. George played … Continue reading

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SKF Really Likes Mandolin Orange

SKF NOTE: Most of Mandolin Orange‘s tunes have no drums. But, so what? For undefined reasons this duo’s music hits home with me. Turn around and I’ve purchased all their albums.

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Max Roach and Steve Gadd Onstage? Sorry I Missed It

SKF NOTE: A DrumForum.org member posted an SOS regarding Max Roach. Paraphrasing, the member asked, “What’s the big deal about Max Roach? I know he’s famous. But from what I’ve seen and heard of his drumming on YouTube, I don’t … Continue reading

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Les DeMerle – It’s Not the Notes, It’s the Rests

SKF NOTE: More words of wisdom from drummer/bandleader Les DeMerle. The back story to our interview is here. Scott K Fish: Is it possible for a drummer to become so technically exact and proficient that the naturalness of his playing … Continue reading

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