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Drummer Shortcomings Lead to Innovations Pt 2 – Roy Haynes

SKF NOTE: Yesterday, 9/22/20, I wrote about Kenny Clarke’s frustration trying to play left handed snare accents while crossing his right arm over-and-above his left while keeping time on his hi-hat. His frustration was the catalyst for Clarke’s experimenting with … Continue reading

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Drummer Shortcomings Lead to Innovations

SKF NOTE: Sometimes innovations in drumming – stylistic and/or equipment changes that become standard – begin as one drummer’s, or a few drummers’, workaround to a shortcoming. Discovering the root of such innovations is a favorite part of studying drumming/music … Continue reading

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Tommy Aldridge on Sonor Drums – 1975

SKF NOTE: An ad from the May 20, 1975 Down Beat magazine. Tommy Aldridge is an imaginative drummer. He was bound to Black Oak Arkansas by contract long after he lost interest in the group. Tommy’s still drumming really well. … Continue reading

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Connie Kay – Learning About Drums from Sid Catlett (1959)

SKF NOTE: I am reading the Kindle edition of Conversations in Jazz: The Ralph J. Gleason Interviews, Edited by Toby Gleason. The book is a compilation of interviews Ralph Gleason had in 1959 with leading jazz musicians, including John Coltrane, … Continue reading

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Gretsch Artists Lists 1983

SKF NOTE: These lists are part of the sales materials I used in 1983 as Northeast District Sales Manager for the Gretsch Musical Instrument Co. Most of the musicians listed are drummers. Some are well-known. Tony Williams and Phil Collins, … Continue reading

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