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Is Your Musicianship Getting Better?

SKF NOTE: A once popular, now out-of-business, CREEM magazine hired me to produce American’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine‘s 1985 Drum Supplement. It was a lot of work. From acoustic and electronic drumsets (high-end and budget), to cymbals, to hardware, … Continue reading

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Just Don’t Adjust My Cymbal Stand Ash Tray

SKF NOTE: From a stack of drum product photos comes this ash tray that mounts on a cymbal stand. Not sure who made (makes?) this product, or how successful it was (is?) But within our smokers-as-pariahs world, it’s hard for … Continue reading

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Shaughnessy: Dave Tough Like Elvin in His Sense of Time

SKF NOTE: In 1985 I clipped and saved Whitney Balliett‘s piece, Little Davey Tough, from my copy of The New Yorker magazine. This was a writer’s standard pre-internet method for building a personal resource library. Mr. Balliett’s piece is timeless … Continue reading

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Jim Gordon: What Made You Want to Be a Pro Musician?

SKF NOTE: I explain how this interview came about here. This latest excerpt, except for a deleted question about the weather, and the removal of tape hum and a few tape clicks, is the beginning of my taped conversation with … Continue reading

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Jim Blackley: ‘Take the Weight Off Yourself. Just Play.’

SKF NOTE: I found out about Jim Blackley’s death from Jonathan McCaslin. Jon asked if I had interviewed the great drum teacher, Mr. Blackley. I had not. Neither did he and I ever meet face-to-face, but we did have a … Continue reading

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