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Jim Blackley: ‘Take the Weight Off Yourself. Just Play.’

SKF NOTE: I found out about Jim Blackley’s death from Jonathan McCaslin. Jon asked if I had interviewed the great drum teacher, Mr. Blackley. I had not. Neither did he and I ever meet face-to-face, but we did have a … Continue reading

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A Unique Look at Buddy Rich’s Drumset

SKF NOTE: Eames Drumshell Company founder, Joe MacSweeney, gives us a unique insight into Buddy Rich‘s drumset. Mr. MacSweeney collected and refurbished 1940-44 vintage Slingerland Radio King drums, using them to create a five-piece set, with original hardware and calfskin … Continue reading

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Max Roach: Every Drummer Should Play a Melodic Instrument

SKF NOTE: This exchange with Max Roach took place on July 15, 1981 at his home in Connecticut. The back story is posted here.  I asked Mr. Roach if he thought musicians should be aware of the business side of … Continue reading

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J.R. Mitchell: All The Time, Music Has to Swing

SKF NOTE: J.R. Mitchell was an interesting man to interview in 1983. A multi-faceted musician, Mr. Mitchell played drums, taught college classes in jazz history, had his own record label, and played, in his own words, “creative music.” Before meeting … Continue reading

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Keith Copeland: Latin Drummers to Study

SKF NOTE: This excerpt is Keith Copeland’s expanded answer to my question: Let’s consider somebody who wants to study the great jazz drummers, but so far his only listening/playing experience has been in rock. He has no idea where to … Continue reading

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Paul English on the Making of ‘Stardust’ (1981)

SKFNOTE: In 1981, Willie Nelson‘s drummer and friend, Paul English, interviewed with me by phone. Here’s what Mr. English had to say about the making of Nelson’s classic Stardust album. Paul English: We done Stardust in three days. We’ve never … Continue reading

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Saving an Old Birdseye Maple Snare Drum

SKF NOTE: Thank you, Lee Vinson, at The Boston Drum Builders, a website devoted to Boston’s early 20th century drum makers, for your help in bringing to light this old snare drum I bought at a yard sale. The snares … Continue reading

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