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Two Drumsticks, One Sound

SKF NOTE: Isn’t it curious how root life principles apply across the board? Therefore, the art of drumming inspires the great Japanese Samurai swordsman, Musashi, to develop his unique two sword style. Here are a series of quotes from a … Continue reading

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Studying Big Sid Catlett in 1947 Movie

SKF NOTE: Long, long ago I read somewhere — album liner notes? magazine interview? jazz book? — Sidney “Big Sid” Catlett was the main influence on Max Roach’s melodic drumming style. It may have been Max’s March 20, 1958 Down … Continue reading

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Neil Peart – Lyricists & Drummers: A Lot in Common (198?)

SKF NOTE: Once I identify the year of this interview I will let you know. As I’ve written before, digitizing my old analog drum tapes teaches me many lessons in hindsight, one of which is: Label all interview cassettes carefully … Continue reading

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Neal Sausen Thoughts on Drum Guru Freddie Gruber May 18, 2015

SKF NOTE: Thank you, Neal Sausen, for sharing with the world some of your recollections of drum lessons with Freddie Gruber. Very well done. And thank you, Aditya Tyagi, for bringing this video to my attention through my YouTube page.

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Curious About ‘White Album’ Demos, Outtakes, Photos, Video

SKF NOTE: Remixes of great Sixties popular music I’ve heard are hit or miss. Having grown up listening to the original mixes, the clarity (sterility?) of some Sixties remixes kills the music’s charm. The Motown remixes are the most infamous … Continue reading

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Unreleased Frankie Dunlop with Monk Quartet 1963

SKF NOTE: Wow! Unreleased Monk with Frankie Dunlop on drums. Live! Thank you, Gearbox Records. I bought an MP3 copy of this last night. Frankie, as always, plays great. His drum sound is deep, wide open. Don’t miss it. Here’s … Continue reading

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The Beatles: Just an Excuse for the World to Go Crazy

SKF NOTE: Andy is on three George Harrison albums: Dark Horse (1974), Extra Texture (Read All About It (1975), and George Harrison (1979). Andy Newmark, Max Weinberg, and I were present at this interview in Manhattan — I think it … Continue reading

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