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My Life Before and After Mel Lewis

SKF NOTE: All of us have pivotal moments in our lives. We gain new knowledge from reading a book, listening to music, studying a new subject, visiting a place for the first time, or meeting someone. Pivotal moments change everything … Continue reading

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Steve Gadd’s Famous Zildjian, Yamaha, Ludwig Ad

SKF NOTE: I had not seen this Zildjian Steve Gadd advertisement in many years. But a couple of weeks ago, I noticed the ad on the back cover of Modern Drummer‘s October 1981 issue — and I smiled. Zildjian used … Continue reading

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In Search of Roberto Petaccia’s ‘Progressive Funk’ Book

SKF NOTE: Yesterday someone in search of Roberto Petaccia’s book sent me a message asking for help. Later in the day, when I was able to reply to the stranger, I couldn’t find his message.  The writer said he saw my … Continue reading

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Drum Pioneers: You Always Wonder Where They’d Heard That Stuff

SKF NOTE: Reading Tommy Aldridge‘s interview last week, Tommy’s thoughts about drummers who “played things I had never heard before” apply to all drum pioneers. As such, Tommy’s words are worth highlighting. “I was amazed that The Who even tried … Continue reading

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James Bradley, Jr. Modern Drummer Interview 1981

SKF NOTE: James Bradley, Jr. earned the drum chair with Chuck Mangione after his immediate predecessors: Joe LaBarbera and Steve Gadd. Mr. Bradley recorded with Chuck Mangione some excellent albums. Feels So Good (1977) had its title song reach #4 on Billboard’s … Continue reading

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