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Jack Bruce: Tony Williams is ‘the Prophet of Rhythm’

Stanley Hall: Did you enjoy working with the Tony Williams Lifetime? Jack Bruce: Oh yeah, it was one of the high spots, and Tony, he’s the prophet of rhythm. Source: Jack Bruce: Low String Eclectic, by Stanley Hall. Down Beat, … Continue reading

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Peart’s ‘Big Lesson’ About Understanding Jazz Drumming

SKF NOTE: Neil Peart‘s travelogues — books written about his travels touring with and without Rush — are always good reading. Neil writes well, and his travel books’ format are such that each chapter holds up on its own. When … Continue reading

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Shelly Manne: I’m Not Thinking Rhythms, I’m Thinking Melodies

SKF NOTE: Growing up, Down Beat magazine’s writers, editors, and reviewers were inspiration to this aspiring music journalist. They set the bar high in their knowledge of music, particularly jazz, in the maturity with which they interviewed musicians, in their … Continue reading

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Drum Photos as Drum Lessons

SKF NOTE: A great 1968 photo of Buddy Rich. I’ve said it before, but photos like this one were drum lessons in themselves. Especially pre-internet and when opportunities to see Buddy and other great drummers live or on tv were … Continue reading

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Jim Chapin on Freddie Gruber’s Drumming 1949-50 (Audio)

SKF NOTE: This recording, which I wasn’t sure I still had, is one of my favorite moments from preparing to write a profile of Freddie Guber. I came across an unmarked cassette this morning, inserted it into my tape player, … Continue reading

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