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Neal Sausen Thoughts on Drum Guru Freddie Gruber May 18, 2015

SKF NOTE: Thank you, Neal Sausen, for sharing with the world some of your recollections of drum lessons with Freddie Gruber. Very well done. And thank you, Aditya Tyagi, for bringing this video to my attention through my YouTube page.

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Joe Morello: It’s a Combination of Everything (1978)

SKF NOTE: This morning, while reading through the transcript of my March 7, 1978 talk with Joe Morello, I came across this exchange with Joe about teaching drum students. (Or, as Joe calls them, “kids.”) He was very open to … Continue reading

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What Freddie Gruber Made Clear

SKF NOTE: Starting with my first posting of excerpts of my interview with Freddie Gruber, skeptics came forward asking: Did Freddie ever make any records as a drummer? How could Freddie teach drums if he never demonstrated his ideas while … Continue reading

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Barry Keane: Teaching Drums the Way I Wanted to Be Taught

SKF NOTE: Barry Keane is among the most successful drummers I know, with a long career as a studio drummer, and a touring gig with one of the world’s great songwriters, Gordon Lightfoot, that has lasted, so far, over 40 … Continue reading

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Keith Copeland: Latin Drummers to Study

SKF NOTE: This excerpt is Keith Copeland’s expanded answer to my question: Let’s consider somebody who wants to study the great jazz drummers, but so far his only listening/playing experience has been in rock. He has no idea where to … Continue reading

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