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Triplets, a Hi-Hat, and Ears: Perfect Art Blakey

SKF NOTE: Art Blakey shows us on the title track from Lee Morgan’s 1964 Tom Cat album, that perfect drum accompaniment doesn’t require a bazillion notes played on multiple drums and cymbals. No. Quarter note triplets, a hi-hat, and ears … Continue reading

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Kasiva Mutua – A Human Being Doing an Amazing Job

SKF NOTE: I’ve had a soft spot since the early 1980s for what might seem to be unlikely musical collaborations. Bruce, an airline steward I met through Modern Drummer magazine, told me stories of how his job enabled him to … Continue reading

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Joe Morello Drum Clinic Mid-to-Late 1970s – Part 1

SKF NOTE: Relying solely on my sketchy memory, I taped this Joe Morello drum clinic at the Long Island Drum Center. As of this writing I am unable to pinpoint the clinic date. I’m guessing it was in the mid-to-late … Continue reading

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The Shuitar and the Drumitar

SKF NOTE: My friend, Kelly Hamilton Stoddard Cotiaux, introduced me yesterday, via Facebook, to Jano Rix’s Shuitar. Mr. Rix is a member of The Wood Brothers. He plays drumset too — with the largest hi-hat cymbals since Sonny Payne, I … Continue reading

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Remembering Paul Motian: Songs and Drumming

SKF NOTE: Last week and this week I am putting together audio excerpts for posting from my interview with Paul Motian, published in the April-May 1980 Modern Drummer. The first I remember hearing, and being drawn to Paul Motian’s drumming … Continue reading

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