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Horace Silver: Highest Marks for Billy Higgins

SKF NOTE: I’ve always thought pianist Horace Silver‘s left hand comping makes great fodder for drummers’ left hand comping. That idea first came to me listening to Blue Note’s classic albums, A Night at Birdland Vols. 1 and 2. Recording … Continue reading

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Nice to Meet and Hear You, Smokey Johnson

SKF NOTE: There’s always one more drummer to learn about, isn’t there? This morning, scrolling through online news I stop at this provocative headline about New Orleans drummer Smokey Johnson: “His playing wasn’t just hot; this New Orleans drummer was … Continue reading

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Anka: The Secret to Song Writing is Simplicity

SKF NOTE: Paul Anka‘s autobiography had been sitting on my office bookshelf since buying the book on April 5, 2016. Yesterday I began reading it. My experience reading biographies and autobiographies of successful musicians (and other music industry people) is: … Continue reading

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Drummers Played a Major Part Creating Motown Music

SKF NOTE: This is part of a phone interview on May 12, 1982 with Motown’s Brian Holland. It’s important readers understand how little information existed at this time on Motown’s drummers. Their identities were not well-known. Once the principal drummers … Continue reading

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Kenney Jones: Premier Drumset with The Who (1982)

SKF NOTE: Photos copied from the official program of The Who‘s 1982 tour. I saw The Who in concert three times. Twice with Keith Moon on drums and once, on this 1982 tour, with Kenney Jones on drums. Moon was … Continue reading

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