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Ed Blackwell’s Paiste Profile 1975

SKF NOTE: Ed Blackwell’s page from Paiste’s Profiles of International Drummers, Percussionists, Musicians #2. Copyright 1975.

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Gallaudet Football Team’s Talking Drum

SKF NOTE: I first learned about Gallaudet University from a young lady enrolled in my smoking cessation program at Sibley Memorial Hospital. Both Sibley and Gallaudet are in Washington, D.C. My quit smoking enrollee was deaf. I was amazed that … Continue reading

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Stand-Up Drummer Inspired by Maureen Tucker

SKF NOTE: Live and learn. Drummers playing while standing is not new. Slim Jim Phantom of Stray Cats comes to mind. What is new to me is a standing drummer first influenced by “Tony Williams, Elvin Jones, Don Moye, Hal … Continue reading

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Hogchain: USA Drums Made to Your Specs

SKF NOTE: I have neither heard nor played Hogchain┬ádrums. Still, I enjoy stories of niche drum makers succeeding. Local Creates Custom Drums Published November 27, 2015 By Kaitlin Mullins The story of Brookhaven native Brodie Davis and his custom drums … Continue reading

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According to Peanuts: What Newborn Babies Need

SKF NOTE: Thank you to the National Association for Music Educators for Tweeting this cartoon and making me smile!

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