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Paul T. Riddle: The Influence of Joe Morello

SKF NOTE: This excerpt is Paul T. Riddle talking with me about the Dave Brubeck Quartet’s Greatest Hits album. Specifically, Paul talks about Joe Morello‘s playing and sound and the influence Morello with the Brubeck Quartet had on Paul’s drumming. … Continue reading

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A Shared Moment Can Last a Lifetime

SKF NOTE: I write a weekly column for the Piscataquis Observer newspaper, usually on ideas, policies, to make rural Maine a more viable place to live and work. My July 14th column, however, was about Joe Morello. ===== A Shared Moment … Continue reading

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Ed Shaugnessy: Non-Stop Believer in Teaching Drumming Traditions

SKF NOTE: The Who Reads Modern Drummer? ad campaign is still one of my favorite ideas. I’m glad founder/publisher Ron Spagnardi agreed. And I’m glad well-known drummers agreed. Here’s the ad campaign back story. Along with Ed Shaughnessy’s letter I’ve posted … Continue reading

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Cherishing Morello’s Three-Star Album

SKF NOTE: Having once owned — and listened many times — to Joe Morello‘s Another Step Forward album, I think Jim Szantor’s 1970 review is fair. What is impossible to write about with accuracy is how Joe Morello sounds on … Continue reading

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Audio: Asking Joe Morello: Have You Lost Your Chops? (1978)

SKF NOTE: The story behind this excerpt is posted here. In short, by 1978, from a few sources I was under the impression Joe Morello had stopped playing, had lost his chops, and was very much a recluse. So, when … Continue reading

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Christmas Card From the Morello’s 1981

SKF NOTE: Jean Morello, Joe’s wife, was a gracious person. I imagine Joe Morello‘s life would have been much different without her. I don’t know for sure, but I am willing to bet the handwritten Christmas signature is Jean’s. The … Continue reading

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The Making of a Joe Morello Ad

SKF NOTE: The making of an in-house ad for Modern Drummer. Here’s a nice letter from Joe Morello written to me after I had been MD‘s managing editor for one month. Joe was among the drummers I interviewed MD when … Continue reading

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