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RIP Neil Peart – Traveling Invisible Highways

RIP Neil Peart – traveling invisible highways Scott K. Fish, Special to the Piscataquis Observer • January 17, 2020 The news came through first at 7:12 pm; a voice message from friend Chip Stern, driving his taxi in Brooklyn, N.Y. … Continue reading

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SKF on Neil Peart – Friends, Dreams and Mystical Resonances

SKF NOTE: This post opens with my last email to Neil Peart in August 2018 — which he didn’t answer. On learning of his death and his years long struggle with cancer, I now know why Neil didn’t answer. I … Continue reading

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Simon Kirke – Bad Company Publicity Photos Circa 1983

SKF NOTE: These Bad Company publicity shots are circa 1983. I never met drummer Simon Kirke, but I interviewed him briefly for Modern Drummer. My best recollection? I was asking follow-up questions to round out another MD writer’s Simon Kirke … Continue reading

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Sheila E – I’m Improving (1985)

SKF NOTE: I interviewed Sheila E in 1985 for CREEM magazine. These pages are from that interview, but instead of the narrative story published in CREEM, these are Sheila’s words organized almost as a letter or a column. I don’t … Continue reading

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Chip Stern – I Was Blessed to Call Ginger Baker My Friend

SKF NOTE: Chip Stern‘s emails are always a treat and always a worthwhile learning experience. I encourage you to read Chip’s reflections on his friend, Ginger Baker. Homeward Bound: Reflections on a Musical Legacy01-01-2020 | By Chip Stern | Issue … Continue reading

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A Larry Bunker – Steve Gadd Mind Meld?

SKF NOTE: Two days ago Frank Godiva’s post on the Great Drummer’s Group Facebook page reminded me of a question I would love to ask Steve Gadd. Godiva’s post concerned master percussionist Larry Bunker, and showed Bunker’s The Larry Bunker … Continue reading

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