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Dream Stealers and Drummers

Something inside us, often when we’re very young kids, tells us, “Play drums!” We know at that moment what we’re supposed to do in life. We may not know if we’ll be performers, teachers, inventors, manufacturers. But we know, beyond … Continue reading

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One Door Closes, Another Opens

In April 2014, when the time was right for me to start writing again about drummers and drumming, I expected to find changed, but vibrant, freelance writing opportunities. To be clear: when I stopped looking for those writing opportunities years … Continue reading

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‘The World’s Greatest Drummer is Louis Bellson’

SKF NOTE: My Uncle Bob, older brother Craig, and I are standing in the dirt driveway at Charles R. Fish Nurseries, 39 School Street, Auburn, Massachusetts. I’m maybe 10 years old. Craig is one-and-a-half years older. The sun is shining … Continue reading

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Billy Cobham: My Concept is My Own

SKF NOTE: A glimpse at Billy Cobham’s drumming concepts 41 years ago in Different Drummer magazine. Billy Cobham: My concept is my own, my personality is my own. Dynamics enhance my playing and gives a lot of contrast to the … Continue reading

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Willis Conover: The Voice of American Music Behind the Iron Curtain

SKF NOTE: Thank you, Doug Ramsey, for this wonderful piece on a true missionary of American music. The Radio Broadcaster Who Fought the Cold War Abroad but Remained Unheard at Home Willis Conover spread American culture and values across … Continue reading

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