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Rick Latham Asks for Help with Surgery Expenses

SKFNOTE: I wanted to pass along this urgent request from a guy I first got to know a little bit back in my Modern Drummer days. If you can help Rick Latham raise $100,000 for medical expenses — I thank … Continue reading

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Scott K Fish Meets Dan ‘red66charger’ Eggleston and Cottondale Swamp

SKF NOTE: My overdue thanks to Dan Eggleston for his kindess when I was visiting St. Petersburg, FL last October. I have Dan’s permission to tell you he is “red66charger” on DrumForum.org — a terrific online gathering of drummers. I’ve … Continue reading

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Kenny Clarke & The Musicians Well of Inspiration

SKF NOTE: DrumForum.org member, “Wheresmyroadie?,” posted an excellent, new-to-me, video of Kenny Clarke with a big band playing the song, Bebop. Access to such footage — especially free and easy access — started happening about 50 years after I had … Continue reading

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What To Do When ‘Jazz Groove #22’ Doesn’t Apply?

SKF NOTE: Drummer 44Ronin, on DrumForum.org, takes issue with me where, on my Drumming Beyond Playing ‘Awesome Grooves’ post, I write: Groove is a buzz word. 44Ronin relied: Groove is not a buzz word. Groove is the sum of all … Continue reading

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Music and Kindness from Strangers

SKF NOTE: Yesterday I came across my monthly column written for the December 2011 Bangor Metro magazine. The column topic was, Who Got You Into Politics? I wrote, “Kindness from strangers 25 years ago was exactly the encouragement I needed … Continue reading

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