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Big Sid Catlett – A Beautiful Sense of Composition

SKF NOTE: Ruby Braff was a jazz trumpeter born in 1927 and died in 2007. Having first hand accounts from musicians who knew and worked with great drummers like Big Sid Catlett is invaluable. In Ruby Braff’s brief remembrance here, … Continue reading

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1980s Drummers Steve Felix and Derek Blevins

SKF NOTE: Here are two more drummer photos I’m putting in the public square. Derek Blevins with Jon Butcher Axis is on the left in that band’s photo. I confess I’ve never heard much of the JBA. The Bus Boys’ … Continue reading

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Kenny Clarke – When Technique Becomes Meaningless

SKF NOTE: A Q&A between drummers Art Taylor and Kenny Clarke. Art Taylor: How important do you feel technique is for playing the drums? Kenny Clarke: I think any musician needs just enough technique to express himself; I don’t think … Continue reading

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Mick Avory – Give The People What They Want (1982)

SKF NOTE: As a kid, I always loved The Kinks’s music. Their rockers as well as their ballads. And I owned several Kinks albums, from their first LP to either Arthur or Muswell Hillbillies. Then my limited funds were spent … Continue reading

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Drummer Derek Hess – Rossington-Collins PR Photo Circa 1980

SKF NOTE: Scanning from my stack of old publicity photos, pictures of drummers. I will add these photos as often as I can. Also, if I get more background info on any of these photos I will add that info … Continue reading

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Dizzy Gillespie – We’re All Supposed to Inspire Each Other

SKF NOTE: Drummer Art Taylor’s Notes and Tones: Musician-to-Musician Interviews, which I bought when first published in 1977, remains an interesting read and source book. As time goes by, whenever I open “Notes and Tones,” I find something new, interesting, … Continue reading

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Buddy Rich: ‘Just in Time – The Final Recording’

SKF NOTE: Previously unreleased Buddy Rich? Always welcome. “My dad chose setlists for the two nights that I hadn’t heard before. He…shied away from the tried and true and went to places musically that were very different. [T]hankfully, his last … Continue reading

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