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The Strange 1972 TV Appearance of Buddy Rich

SKF NOTE: Starting with the album cover, continuing with the opening sound of Buddy Rich’s sticks on his hi-hat cymbal bell(s) on Side 1 Track 1’s “Space Shuttle,” Buddy’s 1972 “Stick It” album is excellent. I bought the album when … Continue reading

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A Lost Opportunity – The Rich/Gruber Drumming Videos

SKF NOTE: Here’s the back story on this tape from my Freddie Gruber interview circa 1982. This excerpt is, for me, a great life lesson: Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. When Freddie first mentioned a … Continue reading

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Buddy Rich: Navigating Strange Drumsets

SKF NOTE: Following up a clip posted where guitarist Les Paul is telling a club audience of the time Buddy Rich told Les he, Buddy, was going to get a guitar, become a folksinger, and give up drums. Here’s another … Continue reading

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Beyond Traditional Grip

SKF NOTE: I grew up believing traditional grip was the gold standard of drumset players. There was a best way, if not the right way, for drummers to hold drumsticks: traditional grip. Traditional grip functioned like a fine-tuned machine. Not … Continue reading

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Buddy Rich – Folk Singer?

SKF NOTE: I knew there was a time in Buddy Rich’s life when he stopped playing drums, and tried to make it as a singer and dancer. But listening just now to Les Paul tell a story of Buddy Rich … Continue reading

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Between Beginner and Buddy Rich

SKF NOTE: This 1958 photo of Chico Hamilton brings back memories of a turning point in my learning to be a jazz drummer. The first two jazz drummers I noticed, who really grabbed my attention, were Gene Krupa and Buddy … Continue reading

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Peart’s ‘Big Lesson’ About Understanding Jazz Drumming

SKF NOTE: Neil Peart‘s travelogues — books written about his travels touring with and without Rush — are always good reading. Neil writes well, and his travel books’ format are such that each chapter holds up on its own. When … Continue reading

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