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Buddy Rich Taking Care to Be Even More Precise (1978)

SKF NOTE: A March 28, 1978 Down Beat news item capturing one reporter’s eyewitness (and earwitness) account of Buddy Rich and his band at NYC’s The Bottom Line. Buddy packed the place with “patrons…young and old, …mostly drummers. “And Rich … Continue reading

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Buddy Rich Gets Face Bashed In (1940)

SKF NOTE: Down Beat editors published in their July 15, 1976 issue, A Collection of Lunacy, Prophecy, Controversy, and Commentary From 42 Years of the Contemporary Music Magazine. Forty years ago, when I was starting my career as a music … Continue reading

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Charlie Perry: Buddy Rich on Practice Habits and Teaching Methods

SKF NOTE: Among my boxes of drumming memorabilia come a couple of legal size folders full of writing by Charlie Perry. Charlie was a noted drum teacher and author. His best known method book, perhaps, is The Art of Modern … Continue reading

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Sonny Greer on Buddy Rich and Jo Jones

SKF NOTE: My interview with Sonny Greer took place at Sonny’s New York City apartment on March 4, 1981, published in an edited version in the November 1981 Modern Drummer. Brooks Kerr, a pianist and Duke Ellington aficionado, was performing … Continue reading

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Fred Gruber on Dave Tough: ‘I Have a Great Love for this Man’

SKF NOTE: Excerpted from my interview with Freddie Gruber in late 1983 or early 1984. This is an instance where I recommended a drummer have a feature interview and the rest of the Modern Drummer editorial staff outvoted me. That … Continue reading

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Buddy Rich’s Secret Solved

SKF NOTE: I cannot remember a time in my life when this Great Music Mystery wasn’t unsolved: How did Buddy Rich become the world’s greatest drummer without taking drum lessons? I grew up, like a million other aspiring drummers, being … Continue reading

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Ed Shaughnessy: The Buddy Rich ‘Old Whip Cream Roll’

SKF NOTE: Yesterday I was using YouTube to find how-to videos for playing press rolls. I came across this Ed Shaughnessy lesson — which is great on a couple of levels. Thank you to the person who uploaded this video … Continue reading

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