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Imprisoned by Ding-Dinga-Ding-Dinga

SKF NOTE: Ed Soph’s video clip above brought back my long, long struggle with the ding-dinga-ding-dinga ride cymbal beat. Soph demonstrates that beat and then says, “We all know that a ride pattern is not this, even though there are … Continue reading

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Ed Soph – Make Jazz Drumming History Interesting (1978)

  SKF NOTE: This excerpt, from my first of a few interviews with Ed Soph, follows earlier discussion on how best to teach students the history of jazz drumming. Ed’s idea seems simple enough: don’t bore students, make the subject … Continue reading

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Ed Soph: Playing Drums is No Different Than Opening a Door (1985)

SKF NOTE: Here’s the back story on this Ed Soph interview circa 1985. And here, for the historical record, is Mr. Soph describing his drum clinics in the mid-1980s. Readers should remember this exchange took place more than 30-years ago. … Continue reading

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Ed Soph Interview: The Instrument is Neutral (1985)

SKF NOTE: I’ve posted on this blog published and unpublished parts from this 1985 interview with Ed Soph. As I said in one post of interviewing Ed Soph twice: Ed was smart, funny, curious, methodical. He was a wonderful person to interview. No … Continue reading

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Dave Weckl Newly Released Interview 1983 Pt. 4

SKF NOTE: This is the fourth and final installment of the complete transcript of my 1983 interview with Dave Weckl for Modern Drummer. MD published a much shorter version of this interview in April 1984 as an Up and Coming profile of Dave Weckl, which still holds up … Continue reading

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Ed Soph: You’ve Got to Rely on the Time in Yourself

SKF NOTE: Ed Soph‘s thoughts here on big band vs small band drumming are from my undated interview transcript published as a feature Modern Drummer interview in the 1979 January/February interview. The circumstances of this interview are posted here. I … Continue reading

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Ed Soph: The Tale of the ‘One-Arm’ Drummer

SKF NOTE: Ed Soph and I have reconnected by email — about which I am very happy. Ed is a great guy, marvelous drum teacher, a student of drum history, and a thinker. Plus, he was fun to interview the … Continue reading

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