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Louis Bellson’s 1940s Gretsch Kit in ‘A Song is Born’ Movie

SKF NOTE: There‚Äôs quite a cast of jazz greats in this A Song is Born 1948 movie clip including a very young Louis Bellson on his original mid-1940s Gretsch double-bass drum set. Some wonderful footage of Louis. Watch for his … Continue reading

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Beyond Traditional Grip

SKF NOTE: I grew up believing traditional grip was the gold standard of drumset players. There was a best way, if not the right way, for drummers to hold drumsticks: traditional grip. Traditional grip functioned like a fine-tuned machine. Not … Continue reading

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Louie Bellson: The Finger Method of Drumming

SKF NOTE: I found this incomplete column posted awhile ago on The Great Drummers Group Facebook page. When I went back weeks later to find it again so I could credit the original poster, I could not find it. If … Continue reading

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My Drum Lesson with Max Collie & the Rhythm Aces

I lived in Davenport, Iowa from 1971-73, earning a living drumming and singing with the Millard Cowan Trio, first at the Holiday Inn in Bettendorf, Iowa, and later, at Millard’s own Davenport club, The Steamboat Lounge. Davenport hosts the annual … Continue reading

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Joe Morello on Buddy Rich Part 3

SKF NOTE: Revisiting the transcript of my early 1980’s interview with Joe Morello. Joe Morello said things about Buddy Rich which were new to me. Joe’s remarks were instructive and/or funny. I am posting the remarks separately, by subject. Here … Continue reading

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