Scott K Fish Meets Dan ‘red66charger’ Eggleston and Cottondale Swamp


SKF NOTE: My overdue thanks to Dan Eggleston for his kindess when I was visiting St. Petersburg, FL last October. I have Dan’s permission to tell you he is “red66charger” on — a terrific online gathering of drummers. I’ve been a member since August 18, 2014.

Last October, under the subject line – “Scott K Fish Visiting St. Pete, FL” – I posted on the forum this simple message, “Hi – Visiting. Any recommendations for local music? Thank you” to any member willing and able to help.

Dan replied with lots of insightful information that could be reprinted as, “A Drummer’s Guide to St. Petersburg.”

I had the chance to meet and thank Dan in person outside the Hideaway Cafe & Recording Studio in downtown St. Petersburg. Ours was a brief hello. Dan’s band, Cottondale Swamp, was at the Hideaway that afternoon to record a music video of an original song, Leave Me On The Suwannee.

Here’s Dan and I outside the Hideaway. And here’s the music video the band cut that day. Cottondale Swamp, Dan tells me, is performing at the Hideaway Cafe on February 11, 2017.

Thanks again, Dan.

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