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Drummer Shortcomings Lead to Innovations

SKF NOTE: Sometimes innovations in drumming – stylistic and/or equipment changes that become standard – begin as one drummer’s, or a few drummers’, workaround to a shortcoming. Discovering the root of such innovations is a favorite part of studying drumming/music … Continue reading

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Kenny Clarke – When Technique Becomes Meaningless

SKF NOTE: A Q&A between drummers Art Taylor and Kenny Clarke. Art Taylor: How important do you feel technique is for playing the drums? Kenny Clarke: I think any musician needs just enough technique to express himself; I don’t think … Continue reading

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Kenny Clarke – Magic Brushes 1961

SKF NOTE: Some eye opening brush work from The One, The Only Kenny Clarke with the Bud Powell Trio. Phew!

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Kenny Clarke Swingin’ ‘Til the Cows Come Home

SKF NOTE: Thank you once more to Bret Primack (aka Jazz Video Guy) for this swinging 12 minutes with jazz greats on the front line and in the rhythm section. Kenny Clarke swinging ‘til the cows come home on this … Continue reading

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Krupa: The Sound That Launched a Million Drummers

SKF NOTE: I am among the millions of drummers first inspired by Gene Krupa’s sound to play drums and study drumming. Krupa has described his role in drum history as making the drummer a high priced guy. Others say Krupa … Continue reading

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