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Shelly Manne: A Bluish Bag

SKF NOTE: Going through my old cassettes, looking for keeper material and discarding the rest, I found a 90-minute tape of one of my Jazz on a Sunday Afternoon radio programs on WMHB at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. That … Continue reading

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Shelly Manne: I’m Not Thinking Rhythms, I’m Thinking Melodies

SKF NOTE: Growing up, Down Beat magazine’s writers, editors, and reviewers were inspiration to this aspiring music journalist. They set the bar high in their knowledge of music, particularly jazz, in the maturity with which they interviewed musicians, in their … Continue reading

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Shelly Manne: Musicians Have a Great Life

SKF NOTE: I came across Shelly Manne’s obituary a few days ago. His playing had a major impact on me — and I still get excited discovering Manne albums I missed, and Manne albums newly reissued, or available for the … Continue reading

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Shelly Manne: My Best Drum Solo (1974)

SKF NOTE: Shelly Manne in 1974 names his “best” drum solo. An bit of history I saved from Harvey Siders’s column in the short-lived Different Drummer magazine. ===== Harvey Siders: Of all the recordings you’ve made, which stands out in … Continue reading

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Ferguson: Shelly Manne Always Played Music, Not Just The Drums

SKF NOTE: Here’s an insightful tribute letter to Shelly Manne from drummer Sherman Ferguson. Mr. Ferguson’s letter first appeared under the headline, Shelly Manne, in 1985 in Modern Drummer. It is a keeper letter, in my opinion. Mr. Manne was … Continue reading

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Shelly Manne: Portrait of a Jazz Success

SKF NOTE: One of my favorite drummers. Shelly shares some interesting opinions in this 1962 interview with Down Beat Associate Editor John Tynan. For example: The real way to find out how a man plays is to find out the feelings … Continue reading

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Shelly Manne for the First Time

The first I remember seeing Shelly Manne‘s name/photo is the early 1970s in Avedis Zildjian’s Cymbal Set-Ups of Famous Drummers booklet. I wanted to buy a 20-inch A Zildjian Ride cymbal, but the local music store had only a few … Continue reading

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