Shelly Manne: My Best Drum Solo (1974)

SKF NOTE: Shelly Manne in 1974 names his “best” drum solo. An bit of history I saved from Harvey Siders’s column in the short-lived Different Drummer magazine.


Harvey Siders: Of all the recordings you’ve made, which stands out in your mind as being your best, or most unusual, or your worst?

Shelly Manne: That’s easy. Un Poco Loco from the Swinging Sounds album on Contemporary. That’s definitely my best solo.

My first important solo was on the Kenton recording of Artistry in Percussion, but Un Poco Loco is my longest drum solo, my best, and in a sense really an invention. I’m particularly happy with the way it was constructed. It made sense in relation to what the rest of the guys were playing.”

Source: In-siders Groove, by Harvery Siders, Different Drummer, March 1974


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