Keith Copeland – Jazz Drummers Who Influenced Me and Why

SKF NOTE: I rediscovered my Keith Copeland interview transcript in July 2015. Keith and I spoke over dinner at a Centre Island, NY restaurant. I have forgotten the restaurant name. Neither do I remember how this interview came to pass. But re-reading the transcript for the first time in about 30 years, I am impressed! Keith and I had a good rapport, both asking very good questions and giving very good answers.

In this excerpt I asked Keith if he could give me a chronological list of jazz drummers who most influenced him, and what it was Keith liked most about the drummers and their drumming.

The highlights in Keith’s answer, for me, are his reflections on Thelonious Monk and Monk’s drummers, and Keith’s thoughts about Elvin Jones.

Final thought: the audio quality is not the best, but it is very audible, and Keith’s insight is well worth adding to the public square.

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