Shelly Manne: A Bluish Bag

SKF NOTE: Going through my old cassettes, looking for keeper material and discarding the rest, I found a 90-minute tape of one of my Jazz on a Sunday Afternoon radio programs on WMHB at Colby College in Waterville, Maine.

That day, June 18, 1989, I included A Bluish Bag among the tracks I played.

This version of Shelly Manne and His Men is one of my favorite jazz groups of all jazz groups: Shelly (drums), Monty Budwig (bass), Conte Condoli (trumpet), Frank Strozier (alto sax), Mike Wofford (piano).

What jumped out at me the first time I heard A Bluish Bag was Monty Budwig’s bowed walking bass lines through the entire song. Uptempo too.

A cool arrangement — with some tasty Shelly Manne, and strong work by all the players.

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