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Monk’s Cure for Drummers Who Won’t Keep Good Time

SKF NOTE: One of my most memorable drummer interview stories: Thelonious Monk’s cure for drummer’s who can’t keep time. This is from Paul Motian‘s 1980 interview. If I can locate Paul’s telling of this story on tape I will digitize … Continue reading

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Frankie Dunlop: Gene Krupa Arranges Slingerland Endorsement

SKF NOTE: Gene Krupa‘s kindness to Frankie Dunlop early in Frankie’s career is covered in my blog post, Frankie Dunlop: Gene Krupa’s Kindness to an Upcoming Drummer. In this audio excerpt you can hear Frankie telling the whole story. Frankie was … Continue reading

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Long Lost Monk Album Set for Release

SKF NOTE: My friend, Christina, brought this new Monk release to my attention. It’s such a treat. Just when I thought I had heard all of Thelonious Monk’s recorded music – a never before released studio recording emerges — and … Continue reading

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Frankie Dunlop: Playing With Monk Was The Greatest Challenge Of My Melodic Drumming

SKF NOTE: This excerpt begins right where my earlier excerpt, Frankie Dunlop: Monk’s Lesson on Slow vs Fast Playing, ends. Here Frankie talks more about developing his melodic drumming with Monk. This segment ends with Frankie citing his greatest drumming … Continue reading

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Frankie Dunlop: The Last Place I Expected to Be Able to Continue My Music

SKF NOTE: Frankie Dunlop spent a long time during our October 16, 1984 interview talking about his being drafted into the US Army and serving in Korea during the Korean War. That Frankie did so was, at the time, a … Continue reading

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Frankie Dunlop: Sneaking Into Theater to Hear Gene Krupa’s Big Band 

SKF NOTE: Excerpt from Scott K Fish interview with Frankie Dunlop on October 16, 1984 in New York City. In this part, Frankie shares his method, as an underage music lover, for sneaking into a Buffalo, NY theater to hear … Continue reading

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Frankie Dunlop on Mingus the Perfectionist (or, Frankie! The Tempo’s Gone Down!)

SKF NOTE: A favorite moment from my interviews with the great drummer Frankie Dunlop. Now, for the first time, listeners can hear Frankie’s impersonation of Charles Mingus as Frankie describes a moment on the Half Note bandstand drumming with Mingus.

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