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Neil Peart On Making His Romanian Oak Drumset

SKF NOTE: This morning, revisiting email exchanges with Neil Peart, looking for one exchange in particular, I came across Neil’s March 15, 2015 email and photo describing his “new Romanian Oak drumset,” destined for Rush’s 40th Anniversary show. I’ve spent … Continue reading

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RIP Neil Peart – Traveling Invisible Highways

RIP Neil Peart – traveling invisible highways Scott K. Fish, Special to the Piscataquis Observer • January 17, 2020 The news came through first at 7:12 pm; a voice message from friend Chip Stern, driving his taxi in Brooklyn, N.Y. … Continue reading

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SKF on Neil Peart – Friends, Dreams and Mystical Resonances

SKF NOTE: This post opens with my last email to Neil Peart in August 2018 — which he didn’t answer. On learning of his death and his years long struggle with cancer, I now know why Neil didn’t answer. I … Continue reading

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Neil Peart – My Antipathy Toward Machines

SKF NOTE: As of this writing I don’t remember where or when this interview with Neil Peart took place. The latest reference I’m finding is to the Rush song Prime Mover which was released in 1987. When I figure out … Continue reading

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Neil Peart – I Was Just Trying to Play in the Big Leagues (1986)

SKF NOTE: Here’s Neil Peart in 1986 answering my questions about his influence on drummers. Here’s the back story to our interview which appeared, in part, in Modern Drummer’s 10th Anniversary Issue. Scott K Fish: Ten years ago you’d been … Continue reading

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Peart – Drum Machines Are for a Songwriter (1985)

SKF NOTE: This excerpt is from my 1985 interview transcript with Neil Peart for Modern Drummer’s Tenth Anniversary issue published in January 1986. My assignment was to ask Neil to look forward and back, ten years in both directions, with … Continue reading

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Neil Peart: A Musician is a Guy Who Gets Up in the Morning and Goes to Work

SKF NOTE: Here’s the back story for this interview excerpt. I remember the room Neil, Claudia Fish, and I were in for this interview. But I can’t connect it to a place (New York City?) or to the published interview. … Continue reading

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