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Neil Peart ‘Tradition and Technology’ Zildjian Ad (1988)

SKF NOTE: Here’s a 1988 full page magazine Avedis Zildjian ad featuring Neil Peart. Neil’s retro look is interesting. We could almost be looking at a stage actor backstage at a Grease production. Good stuff.

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James Black on his Drums, Cymbals, Tuning

SKF NOTE: The full back story on this interview is posted on my blog here. James Black is speaking here from his New Orleans home. I was in my Modern Drummer office. In this excerpt Mr. Black is answering my … Continue reading

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Drum Photos as Drum Lessons

SKF NOTE: A great 1968 photo of Buddy Rich. I’ve said it before, but photos like this one were drum lessons in themselves. Especially pre-internet and when opportunities to see Buddy and other great drummers live or on tv were … Continue reading

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Steve Smith Zildjian Cymbal Set-Up 198?

SKF NOTE: One of a series of Zildjian brochures from the 1980s, I believe.

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Bill Gibson: Zildjian Cymbal Set-Up (1985)

SKF NOTE: Huey Lewis & The News had a string of solid hit songs, still touring. Here’s a rarely seen Zildjian Cymbal Set-Up advertisement of band drummer Bill Gibson. Gibson, who played on all the band’s releases, is still a … Continue reading

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