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Joe Morello on Technique (1978)

  SKF NOTE: I interviewed Joe Morello in 1978 at his New Jersey home. My friend and fellow drummer, Chris Conrade, was with me. We three sat in Joe’s living room and Joe often played during the interview with drumsticks … Continue reading

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Ed Soph – Make Jazz Drumming History Interesting (1978)

  SKF NOTE: This excerpt, from my first of a few interviews with Ed Soph, follows earlier discussion on how best to teach students the history of jazz drumming. Ed’s idea seems simple enough: don’t bore students, make the subject … Continue reading

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Harry Stone: Lost Opportunity to Replace Dave Tough

SKF NOTE: I really don’t know anything about Harry Stone. My friend, Chris Conrade, interviewed Harry Stone on June 6, 1979, hoping the interview would be transcribed, edited, and published in Modern Drummer. None of those things happened. Last week, … Continue reading

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Asking Joe Morello: Have You Lost Your Chops?

SKF NOTE: I remember very well how nervous, how uncomfortable I was asking 48-year old Joe Morello if he had lost his chops. The back story to this interview is here. Suffice it to say I was sitting right next … Continue reading

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