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Frankie Dunlop: Max Roach Took Me Under His Wing

SKF NOTE: Prior to interviewing Frankie Dunlop, Mel Lewis told me he thought Frankie, when he first came to New York City, had studied with Max Roach. This interview excerpt is Frankie’s response to what Mel Lewis said.

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John Von Ohlen: I Started on Drums at Age 17 (1984)

SKF NOTE: From the transcript of my interview with John Von Ohlen, published in the March 1985 Modern Drummer. John’s relatively late start on drums were preceded by more than a decade of studying accordion, piano, and trombone. And also, … Continue reading

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Mel Lewis: ‘I Own Four Sets of Drums’

SKF NOTE: Arnold Jay Smith interviewed Mel Lewis for the June 1, 1978 Down Beat. Revisiting that interview last night, I don’t recall Mel owning four drumsets, each different in configuration, that he used for different situations. Mr. Smith asks … Continue reading

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Mel Lewis: Loose, Fat, Musical

SKF NOTE: I think a lot about the Mel Lewis and Friends album. Last week, this song, Ain’t Nothin’ Nu, came around on an old, unmarked cassette I was listening to. Forty years since the album’s first release on the … Continue reading

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Mel Lewis: Intensity Counts, Not Volume

SKF NOTE: Sound Mel Lewis advice from our 1977 Modern Drummer feature interview. ===== Scott K Fish: What’s the difference between a strong drummer and a loud drummer? Mel Lewis: What counts is the intensity. The volume doesn’t mean a damn thing. There’s … Continue reading

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Revisiting Chris Smith’s Bio of Mel Lewis

SKF NOTE: Mel Lewis biographer Chris Smith has some new to me photos and music he’s sharing on Jon McCaslin’s Four On The Floor blog. I especially like the 7-minute live, unrehearsed duet between Mel Lewis and tenor saxophonist Bob … Continue reading

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Scott K Fish Mel Lewis Interview 1978

SKF NOTE: In this earlier post I wrote of how pivotal a moment was my meeting and interviewing Mel Lewis. This interview was notable for another reason. It was published in the April 1978 Modern Drummer along with my Carmine Appice … Continue reading

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