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Ed Thigpen Plays ‘Chicago’ Live 1961

SKF NOTE: Many thanks to Wladi Plus for posting this clip of one of the great jazz trios, and certainly, the greatest of many great Oscar Peterson Trios. This 1961 clip is a lesson in how well Peterson, Ray Brown … Continue reading

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Eddie Locke: Consummate Tasteful Drumming

SKF NOTE: This week I bought the MP3 version of Coleman Hawkins Today and Now album I first bought in the early 1970s as a vinyl LP cut-out for about 79-cents. Working at the time as a store salesman in … Continue reading

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Beyond Traditional Grip

SKF NOTE: I grew up believing traditional grip was the gold standard of drumset players. There was a best way, if not the right way, for drummers to hold drumsticks: traditional grip. Traditional grip functioned like a fine-tuned machine. Not … Continue reading

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Mel Lewis: Pearl Drums, Al Duffy, Tours & Clinics 1982

SKF NOTE: This is an updater from Mel Lewis in 1982, probably for Modern Drummer magazine. It’s great hearing Mel’s voice again. Historically, there are some interesting moments here. Mel has just endorsed Pearl Drums. He gives the company high … Continue reading

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Sam Ulano – He Makes Me Look Like a Jerk

SKF NOTE: Sometimes feedback at Modern Drummer was negative. But in my experience, such feedback was a good way to learn and, when necessary, to correct the record. This is a brief, partial exchange I had with Sam “Mr. Rhythm” … Continue reading

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Mel Lewis – Best Beat of a Lifetime

SKF NOTE: This 1968 Gretsch drum ad with Mel Lewis — and other great drummers in the series — need to be kept in the public eye, IMO. As I’ve said before, pre-internet, these ads gave young drummers one our … Continue reading

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