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Jerry Allison: Simplicity Was Part of the Plan

SKF NOTE: Jerry Allison’s description of his “keeping everything relatively simple” approach to playing drums with Buddy Holly & the Crickets is from a longer interview with Mr. Allison in 1982. It’s still good advice. Jerry Allison: We always tried … Continue reading

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Living with Great Sounds of Unknown Drummers

SKF NOTE: There was a moment, after deciding in 1982, to write a History of Rock Drumming, I realized how huge a task was ahead of me. Much later, there was a moment I knew there probably would always be … Continue reading

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Sandy Nelson: Introductory Phone Conversation with Scott K Fish (1982) 

SKF NOTE: Finding snippets of unrelated phone conversations within my Modern Drummer interview cassettes is affecting how I digitize my cassettes. These unrelated snippets are also reminders of my work habits — and my work-around tricks — pre-internet, pre-digital sound. … Continue reading

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Al Jackson Didn’t Do Anything; He Just Played

SKF NOTE: Music critic, manager, and record producer Jon Landau wrote, ” Al Jackson kept perfect time, played with extraordinary simplicity, was exceptionally powerful, got the toughest sound and left the vocalists with the maximum amount of space in which … Continue reading

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Fred Below: The Beatles Wouldn’t Have Been The Beatles

SKF NOTE: This interview with Fred Below took place in 1982. I dated the typed transcript March 17, 1982 — so this interview happened on or near that date. My feature interview with Fred Below was published¬†in Modern Drummer September … Continue reading

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