Jerry Allison: Simplicity Was Part of the Plan

SKF NOTE: Jerry Allison’s description of his “keeping everything relatively simple” approach to playing drums with Buddy Holly & the Crickets is from a longer interview with Mr. Allison in 1982. It’s still good advice.

Jerry Allison: We always tried to keep everything relatively simple. That was part of the plan. I have run across a lot of drummers in the 25 or 30 — however-the-hell long it’s been — and they play every lick they know. And a lot of them, they play so much you can’t even pick it up on a recorder. It’s all blurred.

I always liked to kind of keep it pretty simple.

Besides that, you don’t have to practice as much.

Scott K Fish: You didn’t practice a whole lot after [learning] the rudimental stuff?

JA: No. After that I figured, “Well, this is working. I’ll sort of stick with this.”

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